1. Intercountry Adoption
    Children orphaned or abandoned in other countries are placed with adoptive parents in the United States. JFS will conduct the home study and provide post-placement services to families who seek intercountry placements. The family will work directly with a program in the country with which they have interest. JFS can assist adoptive parents gather information and choose an intercountry program amongst the numerous programs offered throughout the US angencies. Jfs currently has affiliations with agencies having programs in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, China, Romania, Estonia and Central America.
  2. Identified Adoption:
    Adoptive parents and birth parents approach a licensed agency with knowledge of each other and an understanding that there is a planned match. There are a variety of strategies by which prospective adoptive parents and birth parents can learn of each other, and develop an agreement; however they must involve the services of a licensed adoption agency in Massachusetts. This type of adoption is sometimes referred to as “designated” adoption. JFS frequently assists in identified adoptions, providing assistance in locating children, the home study, birth parent counseling and post-placement supervision.
  3. Special Needs Adoption:
    Many special needs children are waiting to be adopted in the state of Massachusetts. They include older children, some who have been abused or neglected, sibling groups and children with medical needs or disabilities. Jewish Family Service can help adoptive parents locate a child with special needs through listing services such as Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), National Adoption Center, or PACT (transracial adoption), and can assist with the adoption process.
  4. Traditional Infant Adoption:
    A birth parent approaches a licensed adoption agency to consider making an adoption plan. The birth parent is matched with adoptive parent(s) from a list of waiting adoptive parents approved by the agency. In the past the agency selected a family for the child, with no information exchanged between the birth and adoptive families. This is no longer a common practice in adoption. JFS does not offer this option.
  5. Open Adoption:
    This refers to some identifying information exchanged between birth parents and the adoptive family. There are varying degrees of openness ranging from a full disclosure to exchange of limited information. Open adoption can also refer to ongoing contact, ranging from agreed visits to exchange of letters and pictures. JFS will work with parents and adoptive families to develop an agreement that serves the needs of all parties.

If you have any questions regarding a fees or anything else regarding adopting a child contact Jewish Family Service.

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