Are you
for the
safety and
of an
elder alone
at home?

Jewish Family Service Can Help In These Ways!

Arrange services which can help an elder maintain his or her lifestyle at home
Explore living options for an elder who can no longer stay in his or her home

Access benefits for which an elder is eligible

Put financial and legal arrangements in place

Help an elder adjust to a death, an illness, retirement, or a move

Provide information and support for caregivers


Jewish Family Service will start out by having a Geriatric Care Manager evaluate six critical areas to determine whether an elder needs additional assistance. These areas include: living arrangements; social supports; psychological well-being; legal arrangements; financial arrangements; medical care. Based upon the evaluation JFS will then provide the appropriate services which could range from recommending living options to providing counseling or ongoing in-home monitoring if necessary.

Jewish Family Service offers a sliding scale fee basedon household income. Some services may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance.


Alone and no longer able to make decisions, some elders are in desperate and even life-threatening circumstances. JFS acts as guardian and conservator to elders in Central Massachusetts who are judged by the court no longer competent to manage their own affairs and have no available or appropriate family member to serve in this role.

Guardians are charged by the court with making personal, medical and financial decisions on behalf of the elder. As guardians, we arrange for medical and community services, pay bills and make nursing home placements when necessary.

JFS also provides consultation to families, hospitals and community agencies on issues pertaining to guardianship and other alternatives in caring for an elder.

A licensed social worker experienced in working with the elderly

A Care Manager is trained to assess an elder’s needs, abilities and, most importantly, an elder’s ability to care for him or herself

A Care Manager is knowledgeable about the resources available to help elders in the community

Children Cope with Divorce-a parent education seminar mandated by the Probate and Family Court.

Member of the Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

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