The agency seeks to provide services to all participants in the adoption arena: children, birth parent, adoptive parent applicants, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees. We are licensed by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Care Services, Region 2, 180 Turnpike Road, Westboro, MA 01581 (508-871-7181).


The child awaiting adoption is the agency’s primary client. Therefore, all actions taken are determined to be in the best interest of the child. Services to children include the following:

  1. An assessment of the child’s needs throughout the adoption process, including pre-placement, placement, post-placement, and post-finalization phases.
  2. Service planning to meet the child’s needs.
  3. An evaluation at intake, looking at both the birth parents’ and child’s current and past medical and social histories.
  4. Medical care as outlined by the agency’s health services policy. Psychological services are also available, as appropriate for the age and needs of the child.
  5. Temporary foster care placement, if deemed necessary for the child. All foster homes are approved and supervised by either JFS or Catholic Charities. All social services and coordination of service plans are provided by the child’s JFS social worker.
  6. Sharing of appropriate information concerning the processes that children may use to locate their birth parents and that birth parents may use to locate their children.

Services to birth parents include the following:

  1. Counseling to explore the legal, social, and emotional implications of surrendering a child for adoption, as well as exploring alternatives to adoption.
  2. Participation in the search for an adoptive home, giving the birth parent an opportunity to express wishes concerning the potential adoptive family in regard to religious background, socioeconomic class, etc.
  3. Sharing of non-identifying information about potential adoptive families, in the form of biographical sketches
  4. Review of Agency’s Complaint and Appeal Procedure, Statement of Birth parent Rights, and a written summary of child’s service plan.
  5. Adoption consultation with an independent attorney.
  6. Arrangement of foster care for child, in necessary.
  7. Assistance in obtaining health and financial support benefits as appropriate.
  8. Post-placement counseling is available.
  9. Sharing of appropriate information concerning the process processes that children may use to locate their birth parents and that birth parents may use to locate their children.

Services to adoptive parent applicants include the following:

  1. Information/Referral regarding the adoption process, including criteria for an adoptive parent.
  2. Homestudy.
  3. Written notice of agency’s Complaint and Appeal Procedure and Statement of Adoptive Parent Rights.
  4. Assistance in locating a child if requested.
  5. A complete range of pre-placement supportive services.
  6. Support services while waiting child referral.
  7. Upon referral of achild, a contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of the adoptive family and the Agency.
  8. A complete summary of all known non-identifying information regarding the child, including mediacl information and birth parent(s) profile. When there is an open adoption agreement, identifying information will be a vailalble.
  9. Periodic updated information on an adoptive child, as available and appropriate.
  10. Written copy of post-placement service review.
  11. Supervision and support until finalization of adoption.
  12. Legal counsel throughout the adoption process.
  13. Arrangement of foster care if necessary.
  14. Post-placement support and counseling.

Occasionally JFS is contacted by individuals who, as children, were adopted through the Agency. Services to adult adoptees include the following:

  1. Information and referral.
  2. Counseling, if requested.
  3. Assistance with the search process as allowed by state regulations and Agency Board policy.

If you have any questions regarding a these rights or any of the services that Jewish Family Service offers please feel free to contact Jewish Family Service.

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