When ongoing conflict occurs in a family, a trained mediator helps the parties discuss the issues, explore options and create an acceptable agreement. The mediator remains neutral and assists the parties to develop their own solution.
Mediation can prevent more costly litigation and gives the participants more control over the terms of the final agreement. Mediation also promotes the development of improved conflict resolution techniques.

An approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program of the Worcester probate and Family Court

Why Mediation?

  • Everyone is an active participant in reaching an agreement
  • The process is tailored to your family’s specific needs
  • It avoids lengthy court proceedings
  • It is a confidential process
  • Mediation models appropriate conflict resolution for children
  • Disputes are settled more quickly
  • Mutually agreed upon resolutions can help prevent future conflict
  • Divorce mediation helps create a sense of family with a new structure
  • Mediation is less expensive
Jewish Family Service has a team of lawyers and social workers experienced in family law, family therapy and mediation. Parenting plans developed at JFS emphasize consideration of the children’s interests in achieving resolutions. JFS promotes the continued cooperation of the participants in implementing agreements. We assist families in developing skills to manage future disputes should they arise.
JFS offers daytime and evening appointments for mediation.

Family finances (division of assets, child support, etc.)

Child custody

Parenting plans

Disputes regarding the care of an elder parent

Disputes between parents and children

Stepfamily disputes

Families who do not want to engage in the adversarial process of litigation

Families who have found previously litigated solutions unsatisfactory

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