It is the policy of the agency to provide adoptive services without limitation as to the religious background of the applicants.

Adoptive parent applicant(s) must reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is preferred that adoptive parents be within the usual childbearing age; however, older applicant(s) will be considered for identified adoption placement, intercountry adoption and for the placement of older children and sibling groups.

Marital Status:
The agency will accept applicants from individuals and married couples. If an unmarried couple wishes to adopt, one individual will be designated as the adoptive parent. Both partners must complete the home study process.

Number of children:
Jewish Family Service does not place any limitations on the number of adopted or biological children in adoptive families pursuing identified adoption.

Physical Health:
Applicants and all of their household members must be in reasonably good health as evidenced by a health examination(s) during the periods of the home study.

Citizenship is not a requirement, but immigrant couples must have permanent legal residence.

Parenting Abilities:
The agency is not seeking perfect parents. The purpose of the home study is to explore, with prospective adoptive parent(s), their ability to be competent, nurturing parents. The Realities and expectations of adoption will be explored, along with the strength of the current relationship, if any, and the ability of the parent(s) to use outside support when necessary.

Physical Criteria for the Home:
The home must be clean, safe, free of obvious fire and other hazards and be of sufficient size to accommodate comfortably and appropriately all members of the household and the child(ren)) to be placed.

If you have any questions regarding a home study or any of the qualifications listed to the left please feel free to contact Jewish Family Service.

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